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We, at TCI, envision to “Join and delight consumer’s life” with effective products through our partner clients. In order to reach “Join and delight consumers’ life”, IBD emphasizes in 4 major core strategies.


Systematic Planning with Client
TCI’s works closely with our clients using its combined marketing strategies and experience to develop glamorous and effective product with intuitive features to meet consumers’ demands.


Research & Development
Our highly efficient and professional R&D team carries out the best manufacturing processes to provide cost-effective formulations to create unique and highly competitive product for our client.

Quality Assurance and Efficacy Validation
Our research specialist implements standard operating procedure (SOP) and bill of material (BOM) throughout the manufacturing process. The quality assurance is conducted in our ISO 17025 LAB, where each of our products is analyzed 100 times before final approval of release. This standard procedure termed as “Product Resume” is applied for all our products. Later, the product efficacy is validated with university research laboratories (E.V.E lab) and supported by numeric and graphical data.

Global partnership and Intellectual Property Protection
TCI’s highest international standards for manufacturing, quality assurance and

wide knowledge of international laws & regulations help our domestic / international client to satisfy consumer requirement worldwide. This stringent manufacturing procedures and dedication to join and delight consumer’s life helps us to develop long-term partnership with our clients worldwide. Additionally, our legal affairs also help to protect the intellectual property of clients and their products.