Effectiveness is our guarantee

In E.V.E Lab we believe product performance can not only be felt but visible. Hence we dedicate ourselves in clinical research and laboratory medicine to undergo research and experimental verification of product performance.

EVE represents 3 core values: Efficacy, Value, Experience:

Efficacy – We believe that the core value of a product is to provide effectiveness and benefit for your health. To develop high performance products and improve your life has always been the goal of our efforts.
Value – When it comes to product value, we take it more serious than you!By scientific validation, we bring consumer the best effect guarantee.
Experience – We recognize user experience for consumers and pursuit “Join and delight consumers’ life” as our core objectives.

The high-end clinical research for product testing

With TCI’s vertical integration of abundant resources and cooperation with major medical centers, we are able to create innovative validation technology. This brings consumers the health benefit. Combining with patent layout, scientific validation, and high performance Integrated Bioscience Design. We are proud to “Join and delight consumers’ life”.