Next Lab focuses on forward-looking and innovative R&D topics by using TCI’s comprehensive resources to support Next Lab. Currently we cooperate with Biotechnology Center, National Chung Hsing University and establish TCI- National Chung Hsing University Cooperation Research Center. In conjunction with technical advisor, research facilities, efficacy validation platform, and research specialist. Through close industry-university cooperation mechanisms, in line with global patent portfolio, we continuously to perfect in raw materials, manufacture processes, service model innovation. Our goals are to solve clients’ future problem, to meet consumers’ future demands, to create better life experiences for consumers.





● Plant Stem Cell Engineering

Enhancing materials’ activity and quality by adaptation, tissue cultivation and bio-system engineering of rare and precious medicinal plants

● Super X process®

Using ultrasound to break the cell wall and release active ingredients efficiently
Protecting active ingredident from heat damage by cold extraction
Patented extraction method in Taiwan, China, USA, Germany







● Super X2 Microsphere

Bring the pharmaceutical grade delivery system to a whole new level
microemulsion coating system and introduced to the health product industry to effectively capture the non-soluble, easily oxidized and unstable components inside the micro-cell body.







● Marine protein extraction

Distinct sources of marine collagen for higher bioavailability and efficacy