Stringent quality inspection by international standards

ISO17025 Lab was awarded ISO17025 laboratory certification by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). We use the highest standard to safeguard your products and serve global customers. ISO17025 Lab has all kinds of advanced analytical instruments include:HPLC, GC, ICP-OES, Dissolution tester, spectrophotometer, and microbial detection equipment.

The industry’s first “99 Safety Control” Product Identification

From raw materials to final products, ISO17025 Lab follows international standards to undergo various inspections. We are the industry’s first to implement “100% Safety” product Identification. All products from TCI have to be examined more than 100 tests before delivered to the market. The inspection items include:3 major preservatives, 7 major microbial, 9 major heave metal and 5 major pesticide residues…etc. The product Identification will come with the product to promise our commitment to you and consumers.


Cross-laboratory cooperative R&D leads to new technology development

In response to the richness and diversity of raw materials, ISO17025 Lab cooperates with major inspection centers and academic research organizations to develop innovative methods and build validation platforms. In addition to maintain product quality and safety, we commit to validation of active ingredients. Together with our 4 major Labs, we work diligently to make the best “Integrated Bioscience Design”.